Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Of this world, I am tired today. The avaricious blaze their trails, while the tender-hearted nurse their disappointments. Why do we let the takers take us down? Every time we answer venom with venom, we fuel the fires of the descending forces. And when our small storms of selfishness join and brew to form the front of malevolence, we know not what we have done… When the innocent are hurt, we are not blameless.

This is of our making. This is of our making!

Why do we let the takers take us down? Do not answer venom with venom. Do not answer selfishness with selfishness. Revoke the fuel of energetic reaction. Withhold the oxygenation of words. Ration these precious resources. Give to the givers and go in peace from the takers. Only then will their fires be extinguished and their energies set free for conversion.

Extinguish & convert, extinguish & convert… this is the remedy we must apply both within and without to win the momentum of progress from downward influences.

It’s been 2000yrs since Jesus said “Turn the other cheek.” When will we learn? How many incarnations will it take us to catch up? This interminable dance of 2 steps forward and 1 step back – then 1 step forward and 2 steps back, is the tug-of-war between ascending and descending forces.

I beg of us all to finally turn the other cheek. To walk away and do something useful – like love somebody or create something beautiful… to just say no to passing on the contagion of negative energy. To refuse, as often as possible, to allow our instruments used for other than goodwill.

Haven’t we all grown tired of this tug-of-war? Even the furiously descending are just begging for conversion. Free will deems us the determiners of our own progress. Are we ready to move on, or will it be more of the same for humanity?

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