Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nothing is personal.

Everything matters.

This is not about you or me.

This is about us… (and not the small us but the big US)

We serve the collective,

Whether we realize it or not.

Oh, but to realize it is to swoon with bliss!

To soar on the wave of God’s momentum,

To be set at liberty

From the cares and snares of the small self.

Merge your goodwill with God’s will.

Delusions of personal gain deal in False currency

The kind you can’t exchange

At the border crossing of the soul.

Everything matters

God’s garden wastes nothing.

We may be mulch, we may be fertilizer,

We may serve function or beauty,

We may fulfill all of these,

But no matter what,

We can not withhold our contribution.

For there are no private stores.

There is no lasting singular satisfaction.

It all belongs to God.

Our laughter,

Our secret longing,

Our supposed treacheries,

Nothing is withheld from the sweet inhale of God’s being.

God lives through us.

Let’s not be dull.

Let’s not be petty.

Let’s offer worthy reciprocation for the gift of life.

By living well, we make of each day

A fragrant blossom for the

delight of The One.

Every thought,

Every gesture,

Is an offering.

~Make it worthy.

Blow a kiss of goodwill into the sails of God’s will

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