Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Groups/Events

You Are Invited...

4 Ways to wake your inner-mystic:

  • Meditation In Motion

Give your body permission to move in whatever way it feels like moving!  All bodies and abilities welcome!  Enjoy a healthy spirit-centered environment to feel into your truth - to embody the aliveness of being human.  Music is varied and tailored to orchestrate a shared journey.  Some spoken word is incorporated to guide some spirit themes into the flow.  
Come receive the charge of shared energy and goodwill that will stay with you all week!!!  10$ for the most cathartic window in your week!
  • Dream Interpretation Group
This life-enriching practice delves into the language of symbolism.   Enhance the communication between your waking consciousness and the part of you which is linked into the vast wisdom-well of the collective consciousness by creating space in your life for dream interpretation.  Circle offered by donation.

  • Group guided meditation with Gong B
These shamanic-journey style meditations are designed to launch you into the world between worlds where spirit and consciousness commune.  These meditations are to be enjoyed in a reclined position so bring your favorite yoga mat or borrow one of ours.  All are welcome, journeys offered by donation.

  • Mantra Chant Group
Joining voices is a vitality-charging practice.  Enjoy the sustained resonance of good vibrations generated by this gathering.  Bring a peice of poetry, a few words to live by or a favorite scripture and we will make a chant to lift it up and in so doing, be lifted up! Start date to be determined by interest.  Circle offered by donation.

Please send any inquiries to jenincarnate@gmail.com