Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guided Meditation Hikes...

Connecting with nature is the most natural way to connect with one’s inner mystic. That’s why I call hiking my religion, ~ it is the backbone of my practice as it ensures the optimum calibration for my body-mind-spirit. I have learned that all three levels have a shared metabolism. Walking has a way of metabolizing thoughts and concerns in conjunction with waking the vital energies of our body vehicles. And moving energy satisfies the spirit which is always in search of adventure.

Nature walks are self-inducing meditations, aided by the present moment consciousness they facilitate by waking all the senses to the beauty of the day. My practice has evolved to include a number of rituals along the way to enhance the state of awareness that is so useful in granting perspective on life. I would love to share some of these with those interested so I am planning to offer guided meditation hikes, incorporating rituals from beginning to end as a way of helping others to connect with their inner-mystic.

These adventures will involve mindful silence on the way to the destination point, wind dancing (or just free movement and stretching as your comfort level dictates), and chanting ~ which I will lead with the accompaniment of an East Indian drone instrument. I have some other little rituals in mind as well but I don’t want to spoil all the surprise of the adventure. I’m quite sure everyone will gather something personally valuable from the experience. I have chosen an easy trail with a lovely destination point for this activity, so most anyone can participate. The fee will be 10$ unless a person can’t afford to pay (no one will be turned away and all are welcome),

Please let me know if you are interested and if I get enough nibbles I’ll set a date for it.


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  2. If I were there, I'd be first on the sign up sheet! Great idea. I will 'toast' my next wandering to you in spirit. Hope you are well and happy. Love, S

  3. I will sign up for one as soon as I can visit you in Cali!