Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Pocket Prayer
(composed in the footprint of the 'Our Father')
You who hold us all...
Who live in, and through, and beyond everything,
Hallowed be Thy name, beyond names.
May thy light prevail upon the Earth
And Thy love preside within our hearts ~
above all judgment...
And Thy will be done,
For the good of all.

Give us this day
Provisions of body, mind and spirit.
And lift our eyes
To the remembrance of gratitude.
Forgive us our lapses
Into selfishness or fear.
As we forgive others
Who falter from grace.

And veer us from the pull
Of descending forces
But keep us on your ascending path
For thine is the causality,
The effectuation and the destination,
Now and forever,

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