Friday, July 31, 2009


Dear Love,
You could have told me
You were going to take your life...
I would have taken it,
if it were up for the taking.
I would have placed it
in a robin's nest in the day
Where butterflies play below
And skies above pass peacefully.
At night, I would have taken you in,
And kept the warm light on,
Never to let darkness touch you again.
It is true. It is true.
Now you know it is true.
I was always ready to catch you,
When you grew tired of falling.

It was morning when you left.
Lying on the tracks,
You saw the sky of the new day
But still, you did not pick yourself up.
Your heart was adorned
With the love laurels of many,
But, still, you did not pick yourself up.
Free will was granted you,
All through the days of your life,
But, still, you did not pick yourself up.

It was morning when you left
Now each morning tears you further from us.
yet love cares not of time or distance.
And though you have yanked your flower from the roots,
It blossoms still in every heart that loves you.

I am in no hurry to grieve
Since the urgency of hoping is over.
A slow sadness
Spreads through the rest of my days.
Because there will be no forgetting of this love,
Only disconsolation, again and again,
When my heart remembers you.

I am here.
I am still here.
Where are you?

We are here.
All those who love you, are still here.
Where are you?

At your funeral I described you as Defiant and difficult and proud (among other things).
Well, I am also defiant.
In answer to your dying, I will live stronger. I will give this love, you left with me, to those with the courage to live. I invite you to haunt me. Perhaps you will learn the positive power of free will. Perhaps you will understand more fully, the value of this miracle gift of life... as I have come to understand it to new depths through you.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nothing is personal.

Everything matters.

This is not about you or me.

This is about us… (and not the small us but the big US)

We serve the collective,

Whether we realize it or not.

Oh, but to realize it is to swoon with bliss!

To soar on the wave of God’s momentum,

To be set at liberty

From the cares and snares of the small self.

Merge your goodwill with God’s will.

Delusions of personal gain deal in False currency

The kind you can’t exchange

At the border crossing of the soul.

Everything matters

God’s garden wastes nothing.

We may be mulch, we may be fertilizer,

We may serve function or beauty,

We may fulfill all of these,

But no matter what,

We can not withhold our contribution.

For there are no private stores.

There is no lasting singular satisfaction.

It all belongs to God.

Our laughter,

Our secret longing,

Our supposed treacheries,

Nothing is withheld from the sweet inhale of God’s being.

God lives through us.

Let’s not be dull.

Let’s not be petty.

Let’s offer worthy reciprocation for the gift of life.

By living well, we make of each day

A fragrant blossom for the

delight of The One.

Every thought,

Every gesture,

Is an offering.

~Make it worthy.

Blow a kiss of goodwill into the sails of God’s will

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Of this world, I am tired today. The avaricious blaze their trails, while the tender-hearted nurse their disappointments. Why do we let the takers take us down? Every time we answer venom with venom, we fuel the fires of the descending forces. And when our small storms of selfishness join and brew to form the front of malevolence, we know not what we have done… When the innocent are hurt, we are not blameless.

This is of our making. This is of our making!

Why do we let the takers take us down? Do not answer venom with venom. Do not answer selfishness with selfishness. Revoke the fuel of energetic reaction. Withhold the oxygenation of words. Ration these precious resources. Give to the givers and go in peace from the takers. Only then will their fires be extinguished and their energies set free for conversion.

Extinguish & convert, extinguish & convert… this is the remedy we must apply both within and without to win the momentum of progress from downward influences.

It’s been 2000yrs since Jesus said “Turn the other cheek.” When will we learn? How many incarnations will it take us to catch up? This interminable dance of 2 steps forward and 1 step back – then 1 step forward and 2 steps back, is the tug-of-war between ascending and descending forces.

I beg of us all to finally turn the other cheek. To walk away and do something useful – like love somebody or create something beautiful… to just say no to passing on the contagion of negative energy. To refuse, as often as possible, to allow our instruments used for other than goodwill.

Haven’t we all grown tired of this tug-of-war? Even the furiously descending are just begging for conversion. Free will deems us the determiners of our own progress. Are we ready to move on, or will it be more of the same for humanity?