Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Recognition of Beauty Is the Remembrance of God

When you are captured
By that thing that takes you under,

Look for beauty
It will ransom you.

And when you find
Even a snatch of it...
In the leafless branch, reaching for sky
Or the simple grasses, describing the wind,
By quick inhale,
Take it in and be restored.

At each re-capture
Win your own release by this method;
Find beauty ~ the emancipator of the Soul.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


This happiness is steep,
~ So steep!
Looking down at that perfect, perfect face...
The heights of it catch me from the inside
And spill my eyes with wonder.

Love, such love I never knew
As we three In rapture up-swept
By the God-spell of creation.

And now this life has bound me
Heart to heart to heart.
The ache of arteries rooting and entwined,
The 'Mine' that belonging dares to claim,
The unfathomable thought
That any of us should ever leave this life now...

This happiness is steep,
~ So steep.