Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Morning Prayer

 I call myself present to this day.

With each breath,
Casting off the veil of dreams.
With each breath,
Receiving the gift of morning.
And without prediction,
I hold the orb of possibility...
Grateful for this new beginning.

I dedicate my aim.
May the arc of my passage
Join the current of ascending forces
and be guided by Kindness,
Goodwill and compassion.

I place in my heart,
A beacon of reminder,
To walk with love
And leave a wake of peace.

I ask my higher consciousness
To stay at the helm,
And not let me overlook
The miracles - at work and at play
All around me...
Nor let me miss the opportunity
To play my part int them!
As I go forth,
an agent of reminder,
For us all to be
Who we came here to be. 

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