Friday, October 30, 2009

On the bridge...

Sometimes, in life, we must carry ourselves over bridges ~ The bridges of transformation on which, we alone, must decide the course of our destiny. Even when we use the needs of others as determinants for our choices, our souls know that free will has been exercised and our fates are of our choosing. How will you walk this bridge? Will your steps be deliberate, or hesitant? Or will you scamper back to the familiarity of the known shore? ~Even no choice, is a choice.
I have been standing on the bridge, watching the waters' swift current pass beneath me. This is mid-life... Where will I go from here?

One thing I have learned from my time on the bridge, is that we can ask for a sign ~ an indicator from the great mystery, as to what choice would best serve the fulfillment of our souls' purpose. And the sign WILL be delivered in symbolism we will clearly recognize, like a whisper in our ear.

The other night I was so weary with questions churning within, that I decided to go to bed early and asked my dreams to sort things out and present me with an answer. I needed a sign because, from my human perspective, I could not seem to achieve clarity on an important matter that would profoundly affect my future.
I slept and was visited by a ferocious dream, the terror of which I had experienced few times in my life. Upon waking, I ransacked the dream in search of the answer. It had used symbols never before conjured in my dreamlife and had magnified the underlying fears my life questions were stirring in me... but try as I might, I could not decipher any clear directive or answer from it. It seemed intentionally obtuse. It seemed mean rather than helpful. Until I received the second part of the message.
The first part of the message was delivered via the internal medium of the dreamscape, but the second part was delivered via the external medium of the internet. I was guided to it by following an unusual tangent of surfing, but when I landed on it, my little hairs stood on end in recognition. It was like discovering the key to a criptic message, planted just for me! And it brought such relief to my spirit because it was too obscure to be coincidental. I just knew my prayer for guidance had been answered. The fact that the message came in two parts via two different mediums only affirmed the source to be that which has dominion over all channels of communication.
Such communications are very intimate and difficult to relay with justice to their miraculous quality. I have only tried for the sake of conveying one thing; If you're standing on the bridge of transition and your choices are weighing heavily, you can ask for a sign and be assured an answer will come in symbolism you will understand. Be patient. The answer may come in parts. But when it does, it will be clear ~ as though God whispered directly in your ear.
Ours is a shared journey.

May we each be guided the way of greater good.