Friday, June 19, 2009


Some people who love me, had concerns about my having included some pictures of me 'au naturelle' in my blog. As each person made their argument for how these might be mis-interpreted, I made mine for the apt representation of my intimate relationship with nature. I am not responsible for how my freedom of expression is interpreted... if I led my life by such restrictions, I would not be the free spirit that you all know and love.
~But I am responsible for being a respectful daughter to my beloved Mother who is wise and kind and has never asked much of me. So when she said it worried her, it didn't seem worth holding my ground. Therefor, I have taken down the images of nothing-coming-between-the-wind-and-my-skin. But let it be known, I still believe there is no shame in nudity and that it can symbolize more than common eroticism. I meant the images to express freedom and a closeness with nature. And while I have withdrawn the pictures, I do not withdraw my advocacy and promotion of these ideals.


  1. I appreciate your point of view, Jen. In fact, I knew what you would say. However, messages that are sent out into cyberspace with one meaning (photographic or otherwise) are not always received with the same lovely meaning attached. People are not always good and some are downright dangerous. People like me, who love you, would naturally worry.

  2. Hey Mama, Remember when I was little and I escaped your towel embrace after my bath and ran down the stairs and out of the house into the day with delight? I've still got that hankering to be free. Perhaps one day we'll get over the taboo on nakedness... then, maybe, we would transfer eroticism to even more elusive elements. Like the appreciation of spirit and distinct energy frequencies that are the life that live through us. After all, form and flesh are mere mud without the animation of these :)

  3. This story was sent to me via email in response to this post -

    Over 30 years ago I was in college and used a motorcycle for transportation. I read in the newspaper that there were naked people at Topanga Beach near Malibu. I had no experience with this and couldn’t resist the temptation. Next Saturday afternoon, I jumped on my bike and rode up Pacific Coast Highway to where the Topanga River meets the sea. The parking was difficult, but I had a motorcycle. There was no problem for me. I parked, went through a hole in a fence and walked down the streambed to the beach.
    The beach was small and a short cliff hid it from the highway. I thought I knew what I was looking for, but something took me unawares. You see, I walked into the middle of a crowd of naked people, but I was dressed for riding a motorcycle. I had made no plan as to what I would wear or not wear.

    I was embarrassed.

    The feeling surprised me. I understood being embarrassed for not wearing clothes, being embarrassed for wearing clothes was completely unexpected. Part of my not planning on what not to wear was not bringing a beach towel, suntan lotion, or any other thing that one brings to the beach on a sunny day. I picked an empty spot on the beach, took off my clothes and sat on them. Immediately, I felt relief and overwhelming freedom.
    I didn’t stay long. I didn’t want to get sunburned.
    There were other times that I returned to like places through the years. My feelings were complex, but I never lost the feeling of freedom. Your picture on your blog expressed that feeling of freedom and brought it back to me.
    You do what you think is wisest with your pictures; I will miss them. Sometimes we volunteer to give up some freedom for those we love.

    (Thanks for backing me up and stay free!)

  4. I agree with you on both counts: that (1) there is no shame inherent in being clothing-free and that whatever ick someone else wants to project upon that state is on them, not on you, and (2) that you should listen to your lovely mother.