Saturday, December 26, 2009

Between Worlds

My sigh lifts the veil
And naked, my soul parts the darkness
Between the particles of here and now.

It is always there.
The beyond is so close,
It is even inside us.
Its exact reach is
Almost ~ almost.

With eyes closed, I peer.
Deaf to the world, I listen.
And with breath stilled,
I feel the presence of the unbreathing.
~Sometimes it is a loved one, gone beyond.
Sometimes it is the great resonance
Of the collective consciousness.
Sometimes it is the perfect understanding
Of the Divine Witness.

It is so close...
In between the particles of here & now,
In the stillness underneath our breath,
Right in front of the eyes, when closed,
In the silence just beyond
The hearing of ordinary sounds,
And between the worlds
Of sleeping and waking,
It is there...

Can you feel it?

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